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Someone Else's Story

Someone with my name, who looks a lot like me...

I'm not that girl
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But then again, it's someone else's story.
I don't see myself as taking part at all

Someone Else's Story - Chess

Name: Mel

I believe: That there is such a thing as true love, and also heroes. That mediocrity is horrible but there are also much worse things. That hope is the bird that sings in the distance heading my way. That faith is essential in our lives but not the rules that complicate it. That Life is fantastic, even with all the bruises, cuts and toe stubs.

Song of the Moment : You Don't Know Me - Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor

I like: roses and awkward firsts and colors and daffodils and sunshine and autumn and snow and scarves and high heels and food and chick flicks and Prague and hope and brown eyes and gray eyes and green eyes (and beautiful eyes) and abstracts and dresses and witty conversation and being aware (and being awake) and comfortable silence and laughter and swearing and shopping and music concerts and dancing when no one's looking and foreign cities and kindness and donuts and books that change me and people that change me and smiles and peachs and brick buildings and hugs and kisses and heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics and coffee and breathy confessions and standing up for what you believe in.

I don't like: real-life conflict and real-life shouting and real-life tears, and I don't like people who automatically write you off because they don't see the minority point of view, I really hate isolation and being left out, and I don't like cockroaches and leeks and sales tax and awkward silence and starvation and jet lag and friendless classes and feeling embarrassed and failure and Mary Sues and memorizing lessons and apathetic mentalities and people who play to the anti-heroine stereotype that is becoming the damn stereotype and bad writing and bad angst and feeling stupid and toenails and throwing up and dry skin and the smell of cigarette smoke.

I love the idea of love. Anything else you would like to know?

by rugburn_grafix

by rugburn_grafix

fangirling is love
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